World Class Golf on King Island

Cape Wickham, on the northern tip of the island (designed by Mike DeVries and Darius Oliver) is not only laid out across some of the best links land available outside of the UK and Ireland, but is located on what is surely some of the most visually spectacular golf land in the world! While the comparisons with the spectacular views from Pebble Beach are understandable, Cape Wickham arguably has more high quality holes than Pebble, despite the latter’s rating in the top 20 courses on the planet!

Cape Wickham Lighthouse
Cape Wickham 12th
Cape Wickham 17th


And as if one amazing course on the island wasn’t enough, Graeme Grant’s Ocean Dunes, situated just a few minutes outside of the island’s main town of Currie midway down the west coast, has opened its front nine to rave reviews from all those that have seen it. Again set on some spectacular links land, the holes have been magnificently designed to flow seamlessly across the ocean’s edges before turning inland, travelling up and down through the natural dunes in a manner that would have you assume that this is how Mother Nature had always intended things to be! And while the back nine isn’t due to open until early next year, we were lucky enough to walk that nine with Graeme himself, and even though the front nine is being strongly lauded, the back nine may be even better!

Undoubtedly some will say there is no use having the subjective debate over which of the two courses is better, however the reality is that most passionate golfers won’t be able to resist the topic. Nevertheless we are confident there will be no clear winner on the matter – which is a testament to how good both of these golf courses are!

Cape Wickham 16th
Ocean Dunes 5th
Cape Wickham 10th


And with the 2 wonderful courses at Barnbougle just a short hop away from King Island, Tasmania is now truly set to become an iconic destination in world golf. Other than Melbourne’s famed Sandbelt, there is no other area in the Asia Pacific region that provides so many opportunities to play so many world class golf courses in one small area.

If you are interested in heading down to Tassie for some amazing golf (and food & wine!) we’d love you to have a chat with us first to see how we can help. We have arrangements in place with all of the courses at Barnbougle and on King Island, as well as all available accommodation options in the two areas which enables us to charge no more than what it would cost you if you found the best rates online yourself, only that we are a one stop shop that can advise on all the options, as well as taking all the hassle out of dealing with different airlines, hotels, golf courses, transfer companies etc.

Whether you want to visit just Barnbougle or King Island separately for a golfing weekend, or whether you want to combine them all for a 4 or 5 day golfing trip to heaven, inclusive of flights directly between King island and Barnbougle’s private airstrip adjacent to the course, we can look after you to make the booking process as simple and cost effective as possible.


Ocean Dunes 4th
Ocean Dunes 6th
Cape Wickham 9th


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